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Jones Engineering is a full-service Civil Engineering Consulting Firm, established May of 2018, staffed by a collective 27 years of relevant experience, and dedicated to providing excellent engineering services in the fields of: Municipal Engineering, Site Development Engineering, Floodplain Management and Floodplain Development Engineering, and Land Development Consulting. 

We take enormous pride in our work and commit to a firm size that enables us to laser focus on each project that we undertake and to each client we engage with.


The Municipal Engineer is the backbone of a community’s plan for smart growth, sensible regulation and successful capital improvement programs. The right person for the job is the most important consideration for a governing body while contemplating an appointment to this position.

It is our philosophy at JEA that the relationship of trust developed between the Governing Body and their Engineer of Record is the bottom line. The staff at JEA exemplifies this attitude in all of the work that we do for our Municipal Clients.. We take the needs of each client individually and tailor a sound plan to meet their goals, while providing excellence in our professional engineering services.



From permitting requirements, to value engineering considerations, to project timing considerations we take the time to fully understand our client’s goals and remove the unknowns from the Project Managers Program. Reliability and Accountability are two terms at the forefront of our thinking at JEA.


We’ll walk you through the many steps and processes for whatever your needs be; Developable Land, Inclusion of your Municipality in the Community Rating System, Grant Funding for Structure Elevations, Robust Floodplain Management Programs, and more.


We have years of experience identifying site constraints, understanding local regulations, preparing reliable budgets, building the right team of consultants, as well as joining the team as a financial partner. At JEA, we are prepared and excited to partner with you on your next project.


Jones Engineering Associates was created for one purpose: “To provide excellent engineering services to the municipal and development communities free of the burdens that come with a large corporate structure”. We come to work every day to enjoy the work that we do, to focus on the details that need laser focus and to produce a product that we can be proud of that will not only serve our clients’ needs, but exceed their expectations.

Excellence in Engineering + Excellence in Client Satisfaction = JEA.

We remind ourselves each day of that premise; and each day we dedicate ourselves to earning our place in the community.