Site Development Engineering is an ever-changing environment with ever changing demands. Site Development Engineering is also becoming more and more complex in terms of NPDES Permitting, regulatory changes, ordinance nuances etc. 

Whether it be permitting requirements, value engineering considerations, or project timing considerations often times the firms that rise to the top are firms that take the time to fully understand a client’s goals and to help shape those goals and remove the unknowns from the Project Managers program.

We at JEA have extensive experience in this field of endeavor and are prepared to deliver excellent services at a reasonable cost for your next project. Reliability and Accountability are two terms at the forefront of our thinking at JEA.



A primary focus of ours in this field of endeavor is as follows the Developers Project Managers MUST be able to rely of their Site/Civil to not only guide them through the complex regulatory process in a timely manner, but must hold paramount their understanding of the project budget in terms of the required site improvements.

Nothing can damage a development project more than an erroneous site work budget because of unwanted and unwarranted earthwork costs, required site improvement costs or complications in the stormwater management features due to lack of due diligence on the part of their Site/Civil Consultant.


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, the role of the Consultant Engineer is paramount for any community or developer whose goals are: excellent service for their residents, stewarding well planned and well-designed capital improvement projects, administering cost-effective and well-designed capital improvement projects, budget-sensitive site development designs, adherence to complex project timetables, excellent coordination and timing of all project permit requirements.

In addition, the Consultant Engineer must have a vision and must be able to help shape the landscapes of the communities where their projects are located and the communities where they serve. Many complex projects come across our desks and an excellent Consultant Engineer must be prepared to build the best team of experts possible to tackle these projects without concern for the position of their firms.