JEA is an awesome place to work, we have an excellent clientele where we can truly focus on the details of the work. We offer flexible hours, a very comfortable office, a professional environment, state of the art software packages, investment in professional development, great health benefits, competitive salaries, a real performance bonus program, and we know when to stop working and have fun!

We pay attention to work-life balance and tilt the pendulum to the side of Life every time!

Site Development Design

Municipal Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

Ordinance Writing & Review

Government Regulations


Civil 3D


Bentley Systems

Floodplain Management


Joseph G Jones, PE, CFM

President / Senior Engineer

Rebecca Mullin

Executive Vice President

Douglas Waite, PE, CFM

Senior Engineer

Andrew M. Hodge, PLS

Director of Survey

Roland Roberts

Senior Construction Inspector

Uzair Ahmadi, EIT, CFM

Engineer II

Amber Jackson, EIT

Engineer II

Brandon Jones

Engineer I

Billy Jones

Engineer I

Jack Dence

Engineering Technician

Matthew Sannik

Surveyor II

Sean McGrody

Surveyor I

Austin Lamoreaux

Survey Technician

Dwayne Rogalinski

Senior Construction Inspector

William Jones

Construction Inspector

Patricia Isgan

Administrative Assistant