Whether you are a potential Municipal Client, a Site Developer or a Code Official, this term will continue to increase in your daily dialogue.

Weather is changing, flooding occurrence is on the rise, flood insurance rates will continue to increase, flood loss will continue to increase. All of these factors should speak one message to you – you need a quality consultant, steeped in this subject who is ready to walk you through the many steps and processes for whatever your needs be.

We provide excellence in developable Land, Inclusion of your Municipality in the Community Rating System, Grant Funding for Structure Elevations, Robust Floodplain Management Programs. Look for the CFM certification and review our resumes!

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Floodplain Management is a very important role for any Municipal Engineer as well as very important to any Site Development Engineer. A community must understand their risk in this area as well as understand the possibilities available to allay those risks. Whether it be through a robust Community Rating System program, grant funded flood mitigation project opportunities or just good floodplain management, disasters can be mitigated and its paramount for a community to understand the regulations and the opportunities available to them.

Private Developers should know that simply because a potential project site is burdened by floodplain areas, it may still be a very desirable site. An excellent floodplain manager and experienced engineer can be invaluable in those situations.


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, the role of the Consultant Engineer is paramount for any community or developer whose goals are: excellent service for their residents, stewarding well planned and well-designed capital improvement projects, administering cost-effective and well-designed capital improvement projects, budget-sensitive site development designs, adherence to complex project timetables, excellent coordination and timing of all project permit requirements.

In addition, the Consultant Engineer must have a vision and must be able to help shape the landscapes of the communities where their projects are located and the communities where they serve. Many complex projects come across our desks and an excellent Consultant Engineer must be prepared to build the best team of experts possible to tackle these projects without concern for the position of their firms.