Road Improvement

Municipal Road Improvement Programs

Design of full depth reconstruction of local roads including; pavement design, storm sewer improvements, stormwater management, grading & reprofiling, and regulatory compliance.

The major challenges for these type projects lie in constructing a new roadway that meets current local roadway standards in place of the original roadway that was constructed many years ago and likely constructed under budget constraints, that lead to substandard conditions in terms of pavement thickness, storm sewer conveyance systems, roadway slope and other features.

When we take to task on projects such as this, we bring to bear many years of experience with the challenges faced. To which we have assembled a proven track record of: bringing the roadways up to, and exceeding, current engineering standards, while maintaining the project budget, project time frame, and leaving behind an aesthetically pleasing streetscape and physical condition that will stand the test of time and one that the local residents enjoy and are proud of.