Improving Township Roads

For many years, Falls Township has entrusted Joseph Jones, President and Senior Engineer of Jones Engineering Associates, and formerly Assistant Township Engineer, to oversee its annual road program. Each year, the municipality designates one roadway, or a section of neighboring roadways, to undergo full-depth reconstruction, as well as mill and overlay work.

As the township’s long-time engineer and Assistant Township Engineer, Joseph Jones and his team conduct surveying and base mapping, pavement core sampling, underground utility verification, and engineering design. In an effort to ensure our client hires the most responsible contractor for the road reconstruction project, our team also oversees bid administration. We prepare bid documents, attend all bid meetings, answer questions of prospective bidders and ensure that the bid proposals submitted align with the requests for proposal.

Our team also provides inspection and construction administration services throughout the various stages of the project to ensure that construction is carried out in a timely fashion, as planned, and within the budgetary scope of the project.

In short, we oversee the road construction process every step of the way – long before excavation equipment hits the roadway.

In addition to overseeing every facet of the annual road program, Falls Township officials recently overwhelmingly greenlighted a proposal to contract with Jones Engineering Associates for the 2024 through 2029 road improvement programs. As part of that large-scale project, 50 township roads in the Thornridge and Vermillion Hills section of this Bucks County municipality will undergo full-depth reconstruction, as well as milling and paving. Our team will undertake engineering design work for five years, with construction concluding in six years.

The road program presents its challenges, particularly as it relates to constructability issues, retrofitting existing neighborhoods into a code-compliant roadway system, resident concerns due to safety and personal issues and concerns, numerous design challenges, stormwater management, and conveyance improvements, and inflation and a shortage of supplies. Nevertheless, our team strives to provide the best possible engineering service.

We are proud to play an integral role in building better roadways, ensuring safe travel, and supervising the various steps involved in these vital projects for our municipal clients.