Municipal Campus Engineering Services

Jones Engineering Associates was hired in spring 2022 to undertake engineering services for the design of site improvements for the Falls Township municipal campus renovation project. Our firm is overseeing various aspects of this multi-faceted project, including providing additional site access points, revising parking configurations, modifying entrance configurations, enhancing landscaping and site aesthetics, and upgrading site lighting and stormwater management upgrades.

The Falls Township municipal complex, which had many previous uses prior to housing township offices, was never designed to accommodate municipal functions. As such, Jones Engineering Associates is implementing site improvements aimed at complementing the proposed building renovations. Our firm is proud to play an integral role in constructing a campus with infrastructure best suited to serving this Bucks County community and its residents.

As part of our role, the Jones Engineering team will conduct several project phases throughout the duration of the two-year project, including surveying and preliminary analysis which will include a thorough review of floodplain implications. In the engineering design phase, we will prepare design, bid and construction documents for the project, as well as conduct an analysis of stormwater management. We will also obtain the required permits and approvals from all outside agencies.

Our firm will oversee the construction of the site improvements associated with the municipal campus in its entirety. Our construction inspector will review and provide oversight of all site work within the project’s scope, ensuring the site improvement upgrades meet the agreed-upon specifications.

Prior to construction commencing, Jones Engineering Associates will prepare a plan to allow for safe pedestrian access and coordinate with parties outside of our firm to ensure conformity among all involved.

Our team will also provide the project manager with alternate design solutions, including for police access, public works department access, code enforcement department staff access, public parking, and access, as well as general site accessibility.

Upgrades to the municipal campus are expected to reach completion by 2024.

Jones Engineering Associates President and Senior Engineer Joseph Jones, an engineer of more than 30 years, has served as Assistant Falls Township engineer since 2008 and the Falls Township Engineer of Record since 2018, overseeing all aspects of the Township’s engineering needs.